Growing and oil pressing

How we grow our olives:

Our growing practices are based on constant personal dedication, with guidance from professor Miquel Capllonch, and with the utmost respect for biodiversity and the environment.
Irrigation is limited to the driest months, and we give the trees just enough water to keep them healthy and productive. This ensures that the olives will not have excess water and will concentrate the components that result in high quality oil. We give priority to natural biological processes in our efforts to improve the quality of the fruit, without going against nature.
We are planning to transition to organic agriculture, with official recognition as such, as soon as we can guarantee that we can maintain the same quality level once we do so.

Harvesting and pressing of the oil

Harvesting is done manually, and the olives are cold pressed the same day they are harvested at the oil press of Son Catiu, which has the most modern facilities on Mallorca. The oil, as determined by tests and by the official the tasting panel of the Appellation of Origin, has extra virgin category, free of defects, fruity and balanced with an acidity of 0.2 (one quarter of what is considered acceptable for the highest oil category).
It is a balanced oil with a fruity flavour of olive and grass, sweet, with faint bitter and spicy hints: as smooth as a feather and lively as a bird, in keeping with its name.