Mallorca Olive oil benefits


Virgin olive oil is a natural product that has no additives and has not undergone any chemical techniques that alter its biological properties. It is a high-quality food source, energy-rich, with a high content of vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids.
Olive oil provides cardiovascular, digestive and hepatic benefits: it avoids high cholesterol levels and arteriosclerosis, enables smooth functioning of the liver and acts against constipation.
Currently, medical research suggests that there are preventive benefits of olive oil consumption for certain types of tumors, particularly breast cancer. Research also indicates that olive oil provides cosmetic benefits and contributes to good skin.


Mediterranean olive orchards are similar to natural ecosystems, as this tree is part of the indigenous flora. The diversity and density of wildlife in olive orchards is high, especially when environmentally friendly farming techniques are used, as in our case.

In the olive orchards of Picarandau we have Stone Curlews, Skylarks, Red Partridges, Woodpigeons and Kestrels, as well as more common birds such as Blackbirds, Goldfinches, Stonechats, Black Redstarts, Robins, and Sparrows. Booted Eagles and Red Kites appear on a daily basis in search of a prey, and it is not unusual to observe a Peregrine Falcon.
One of the orchard’s inhabitants is the Greenfinch, the color and vivacity of which gives name to our main product: VERDEROL oil, smooth as a feather and lively as a bird.
We must not forget the domestic biodiversity either: our poultry (chickens, geese, ducks, guineafowl, and turkeys) help to keep the grass and the invertebrates under control.


Olive oil is the essence of the Mediterranean: the Greeks considered it to be of divine origin, and it was one of the most popular products in both the diet and in trade over the centuries.
In Mallorca, where it have been cultivated since classical times, the olive tree is a key element in the most spectacular landscapes, and was also at the heart of the economy of the island for centuries. The olive groves of the Serra de Tramuntana are especially beautiful. The trees, which are grafted onto wild olive, have massive, gnarled trunks that have inspired painters and poets.
The olive tree is life, landscape, wealth and beauty: the Greeks had reason to consider it divine.
The olive tree captures the Mediterranean sunlight, the sea breezes, the essence of the land and the purity of rainwater to provide us its purest essence in the form of an oil with a unique color, flavour and other properties.
Mallorca Designation of Origin olive oil is one of the products, along with local wines, sobrassada, and ensaïmades, that bring the flavour of the island to our palate.